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I have what I affectionately call "Random Burst of Song Syndrome," which is my brain's need to add a soundtrack to life, to explain it briefly. To answer the question, it's a lot easier to say when I haven't had something stuck in my head than when I have.

That being said, some songs are more persistent than others. "Hey There, Cthulhu" is up there now, because I introduced some friends to it, and it is exceptionally catchy.

Also, as friends and family can attest, my favorite way to deal with earworms is to pass them on. ;)
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I do try to keep track, though I have to have it on a list, or I'll go way overboard.

Even when I had trouble meeting my rent, I always managed to get some aside for a new book once every month or so.  I don't know if that counts, however, as books could hardly be called "non-essential" in my opinion. However, I also tried to go out to eat somewhere semi-nice every once in awhile, which, since it was generally just me, and I'd catch the lunch menu, wasn't too straining to the dollars.

Well, to this day, my weakness is still books. To be precise, I've gotten hooked on the Doctor Who books, which, since they're a: imports and b: only in hardback, they set me back $12 apiece. So, unless I'm spending reward money or it's a buy-one-get-one deal, I have to limit myself to one per trip, generally less than once a month. Money isn't as tight as it was, but after 20+ years of practice, I know better than to allow myself free reign (time or money) at a bookstore! :D
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Well, as anyone who knows me knows, I both love and hate The Lord of the Rings. I'm allowed to watch The Two Towers on two conditions: 
1- It has to be the extended edition, because they put some of the important stuff they took out to show more Liv Tyler back in.
2- The person/people I'm watching with must tell me that they won't mind my muttering. Because I mutter. A LOT. When it first came out, I had to use extreme self-restraint to not WHARRRGARBLE! at the screen. Come to think of it, I did during one part, and a similar part in The Return of the King. But we don't want to get me started on that.
And, DUH, the book is better. It has some of the best prose I've ever read to this day. Hard to live up to that, but I do give Peter Jackson mad props for making the effort and bringing Tolkien to a new generation.

I loved Coraline, both the book and the movie. I love Neil Gaiman's work, so going to see it with Holly was awesome, especially in 3-D. Both are quite visual, as the book I have has Dave McKean's illustrations as well. This subject reminds me that I still need to see Stardust, speaking of Neil Gaiman. :P

Ohhh, there are more, but I'm not remembering any of them right now. Possibly starting with LotR was a bad idea. If Tolkien fan not on my flist wanders this way and wants to know what makes me literally shout at the movie screen, I can explain it without going off again, if you don't mind ramble. xD

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1: Random (no, really. Most of it is babble)
2: Fangirl? Could be. I fangirl on many topics at once.
3: Music. Not ABOUT music, actual music. Permanent iPod shuffle built into my brain.
4: Trying to remember what I'm forgetting.
5: Nerdiness. Of all sorts. Userpics speak for a lot.

...most of those are probably interchangeable, depending on how much sleep I've been getting.
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Well, I'm married, and Scott does try to do nice things for me and I for him, but not just on Valentine's Day. My friend's birthday is that day, however, and we've got plans to go home and see her.
My one thing I do want for Valentine's Day in particular, but also on a semi-regular basis anyway, is flowers. Not totally sure why, except that I love having flowers around, and it's sweet for someone else to get them for me. :D
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, I suppose it sounds cheesy to say everywhere, eh? I have a fantasy-oriented mind, so most of my projects have more than a tint of fantasy, so you could say my reading material has a lot to do with it. Sometimes, I just get a picture in my head of something that I want as a reality; sometimes leads to a project, other times, it doesn't work out. I also (as my friends can attest) have some seriously random thoughts. I did a painting my senior year of high school off a one-liner I'd woken up with: "The sky is alight with prettty pretty fish." I included a salmon, as tribute to the late, great Douglas Adams. 
I suppose I can give most of my inspirational credit evenly to other art forms, like music, books, and sometimes other people's art, and complete and utter randomness.


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