Jul. 5th, 2010 07:29 pm
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Just got back from a weekend camping. Am sunburned, exhausted, probably dehydrated, and dirty. But it was fun! ^^

Anyway, in case anyone was wondering, that's where I've been. :) 
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Right. So, I'm going back to Rapid City, after a week of just chilling in Wyoming/Colorado. Also, due to our rather...eccentric spending habits, I need to get a job, to supplement our video games--I mean, income. On top of that, I'm seriously getting bored being home all day. Desperate housewife, I am not. Well, and we don't have a hot gardener...or any gardener for that matter, for me to fool around with. ;)
 I'm also thinking of taking some classes at one of the varied institutes of higher education we have kicking around the city. I'd like to get into structured art again, not just when I feel like it...and I'd like better materials, too. ^^;;; On top of that, since it would only be a part-time kinda thing, I could take whatever damn English class I wanted, which means I could take creative writing and literature without giving a crap about whether it fulfills my prerequisites. Ha! But we have to work out the whole money thing first, so I'll worry about it after Scott gets back from Alabama.
Ah, fuck it. I'm going to save up, then become a groupie. We all know I want to. Oh, right. Due to the aforementioned money issues, I'm NOT getting a desktop, so, sadly, I still have to live with the whims of my laptop and its limited memory. We'll still see about the scanner sometime down the road though. ^^


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