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Just wanting some quick opinions on this. Normally, I'd go "It's Zelda! Someone will buy it!" But this baby was EXPENSIVE to make, and most of the nerds I know personally are broke. Don't get me wrong, I love this thing; it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it. But, the bare minimum I can think of charging for it is at least $35 before shipping.

SO: Does anyone out there think people will pay around $40-50 for something like this? It is real Venetian glass and the metal is nice and solid, though the site I bought it from warns that the plating may not be nickel-free. I'd probably also throw in a chain for free, since you can't do anything with it as is. I can also make them in a (slight) variety of sizes, and I was thinking of trying enamel next time, which might be less espendy (though messier). The settings are custom-made (for something other than what I'm using them for), so nothing in this equation apart from the rings holding the triangles together came cheap. 

I'm keeping this one, so it was definitely not a waste of time, even if I can't find anyone else who wants to pay for another one. Let me know what you think, pretty please!


I'm sorry the pic is so blurry; my camera apparently hates focusing on anything that isn't someone's face. Crappy as this is, though, the size is almost perfect. I'll use Barb's über-camera to take better pictures the next time I get a chance. Also, I can do a much better job describing the real-life thing if someone wants a better description, but I don't know what else to say that isn't obvious from even the blurry picture.

Also, I didn't want to go into full-on nerd ramble right this minute, so if you want to know more background, feel free to ask!

Quick edit to add: Can you tell I didn't sleep last night? Insomnia is such a beautiful thing. /sarcasm


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