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Scott is in San Antonio training for the week, and I'm rediscovering 2 in the morning on a weekday. I'm an insomniac anyway, but I stifle it when Scott's home, because having me up and puttering around screws up his sleep. It would. I putter a lot, and I like random music at random times... plus the need for coffee... because I can.

It's not that I like having him gone, it's just odd how different my schedule is when he is. Before anyone feels the need to tell me that human beings are diurnal, bugger off. I'm not. When left completely to myself, my most active hours are between about 8 in the evening and 4 in the morning. I sleep better (i.e., I feel more rested when I wake up) from about midmorning to midafternoonish. That isn't to say I can't function during the day; I can, I just feel better at night. I do most of my better creative work late at night as well (which is to say I finish it more often), though that's not always the case. I think I'll see if I can chart when I'm sleepy and when my brain feels most peppy. This means laying off the caffeine while I do it, though, which could be tricky and seriously affect the test results... which is kind of the point anyway, so... maybe if I'm here at the house while he's gone.

Anyhoo. Hmmm... Well, Glenrock won the 3A State Football title, 18-0 against Kemmerer. We went to that on Saturday (AND SATURDAY ONLY). Scott had to leave early the next morning, so we didn't have time to stay and visit, so we may not be back until December sometime, since I think we're doing Thanksgiving with my family this year. Caitlyn is going to be in Hawaii, lucky her. I'd be sure, but Scott ascribes to the "Let's figure out what we're doing two days before we do it" method of holiday planning most of the time. =D

Oh, and if someone really really REALLY loves me, there's a decent-condition bari up on eBay for $540, including shipping, which is ridiculous for an instrument that was made between 1920-1930, but it only goes for five days more, and I don't think I'll have teh monies in time. I'd link it, but who am I kidding? Anyway. I drooled on that for awhile. I want a saxophone, dammit. It's not THAT loud. Really it's not.

Okay, I'm just this side of incoherent, since I went to bed at 5 this morning and got up at 8:30, so I think I'll call it a night early tonight (watch, now that I've said that I won't sleep). I'll do a better update when I have more functioning brain cells


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Right. So, I'm going back to Rapid City, after a week of just chilling in Wyoming/Colorado. Also, due to our rather...eccentric spending habits, I need to get a job, to supplement our video games--I mean, income. On top of that, I'm seriously getting bored being home all day. Desperate housewife, I am not. Well, and we don't have a hot gardener...or any gardener for that matter, for me to fool around with. ;)
 I'm also thinking of taking some classes at one of the varied institutes of higher education we have kicking around the city. I'd like to get into structured art again, not just when I feel like it...and I'd like better materials, too. ^^;;; On top of that, since it would only be a part-time kinda thing, I could take whatever damn English class I wanted, which means I could take creative writing and literature without giving a crap about whether it fulfills my prerequisites. Ha! But we have to work out the whole money thing first, so I'll worry about it after Scott gets back from Alabama.
Ah, fuck it. I'm going to save up, then become a groupie. We all know I want to. Oh, right. Due to the aforementioned money issues, I'm NOT getting a desktop, so, sadly, I still have to live with the whims of my laptop and its limited memory. We'll still see about the scanner sometime down the road though. ^^


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