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Scott is in San Antonio training for the week, and I'm rediscovering 2 in the morning on a weekday. I'm an insomniac anyway, but I stifle it when Scott's home, because having me up and puttering around screws up his sleep. It would. I putter a lot, and I like random music at random times... plus the need for coffee... because I can.

It's not that I like having him gone, it's just odd how different my schedule is when he is. Before anyone feels the need to tell me that human beings are diurnal, bugger off. I'm not. When left completely to myself, my most active hours are between about 8 in the evening and 4 in the morning. I sleep better (i.e., I feel more rested when I wake up) from about midmorning to midafternoonish. That isn't to say I can't function during the day; I can, I just feel better at night. I do most of my better creative work late at night as well (which is to say I finish it more often), though that's not always the case. I think I'll see if I can chart when I'm sleepy and when my brain feels most peppy. This means laying off the caffeine while I do it, though, which could be tricky and seriously affect the test results... which is kind of the point anyway, so... maybe if I'm here at the house while he's gone.

Anyhoo. Hmmm... Well, Glenrock won the 3A State Football title, 18-0 against Kemmerer. We went to that on Saturday (AND SATURDAY ONLY). Scott had to leave early the next morning, so we didn't have time to stay and visit, so we may not be back until December sometime, since I think we're doing Thanksgiving with my family this year. Caitlyn is going to be in Hawaii, lucky her. I'd be sure, but Scott ascribes to the "Let's figure out what we're doing two days before we do it" method of holiday planning most of the time. =D

Oh, and if someone really really REALLY loves me, there's a decent-condition bari up on eBay for $540, including shipping, which is ridiculous for an instrument that was made between 1920-1930, but it only goes for five days more, and I don't think I'll have teh monies in time. I'd link it, but who am I kidding? Anyway. I drooled on that for awhile. I want a saxophone, dammit. It's not THAT loud. Really it's not.

Okay, I'm just this side of incoherent, since I went to bed at 5 this morning and got up at 8:30, so I think I'll call it a night early tonight (watch, now that I've said that I won't sleep). I'll do a better update when I have more functioning brain cells



May. 17th, 2008 02:16 am
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The only regret you will have is losing sleep
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Hello party people!
 I don't think I've ever had cause to mention that I hate February, but I do. The weather is always crap, and for some reason, I ALWAYS get sick for most of the month. This time it's a low-grade coldish fluish thing that isn't doing anything major enough to go to the doctor, but won't go away and is screwing my already screwy sleep schedule up. Like today: I've been up for about an hour. Why, you ask? Because I went to sleep about twelve hours ago, and I only got three hours of sleep yesterday. So while I would like to say that I've just become nocturnal, that doesn't why I was up all day yesterday as well, so bugger. 
Anyway. I've been whining about sleep to anyone who would listen for quite long enough. Mostly, it's going well, but February is not a good time to get a retail job, because even without the recession it's the slowest time of year. So I've been painting and drawing and writing and reading...a lot. I found the used bookstore. And the music store. And I still have money. Wow. This is mostly because their fantasy section is pretty small, and because the music store doesn't really have a lot for non-guitar/rock band musicians. Since I'm a clarinetist (because it's the only thing I have), I just got reeds and new cork grease. I need to get the poor old thing recorked again, but I don't know what their rates are. Since it's not crucial that I have it at all times, I may just take it into Hill whenever I get back to Casper; they know me, and I know them, and their music store is better so I can get actual music.
Oh. Right. Casper. Holly, I'm trying to talk Scott into us coming down this coming weekend, after you's b-day, but it may end up being the weekend after, because he's coming home that weekend and he may want to stay here. Maybe if I volunteer to drive... We'd take my car anyway.

O...kay....LiveJournal decided to skip a line there, for whatever reason. Anyway, that's it. Haven't killed the demon cat yet, the house hasn't burned down, what else could I ask for? Take care, everyone!


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