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 I thought I'd post a daily journal about my first ever NaNo, which may only last until I get sick of typing for four hours a day. This could take awhile, as anyone who's seen my (exceptionally verbose) writing can attest. As it stands, I started at around 1 or 1:15, and it took about three hours, including beverage breaks, to get to 2000 words.  Since I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on the 23rd, I thought I'd get as much done as early as possible, especially since my inspiration has been known to dry up at the most inconvenient times.

However, today was easy. I was worried because I had no idea where to start, but I started, I allowed myself to go back and make little changes, and it worked well. As long as I give my inner Editor Nazi the illusion that she's still in charge, I can actually get some damn work done! Technically, I'm still kind of going, which I should stop doing, because I have to work some stuff out. What concerns me at the moment is that my world building may take more time than the actual writing, because there's a lot of background involved, and my main goal for my magical system is that it be consistent throughout. I have been known to get infodumpy at times, too, which can cause problems for the plot. But, as the saying goes, all that is for revisions! The goal now is to get a total story out, and it could get a bit hairy as I get further on, because I've been known to suffer wracking bouts of no confidence where I want to just delete the whole effing thing and go hide in a corner. My other goal, now that I've started on something entirely unrelated, is to finally do a full revision of my epic fanfic, Interlude. I started writing it four years ago, and it shows. I'm hoping that, now that I'm fixated on the new novel, I can finally tear into the old one without shame (and yes, it's almost novel-length: 45,701 words, counting "The End"). 

So. I'm being rather ambitious this month, and some of the bounciness coming through is likely just the endorphin high of realizing I still know how to do this and I'm not going to be spending all day staring at a blank document (and cold meds). Maybe I'll come back down to earth when I realize that this is just the first of November, I've got a busy month ahead of me without NaNo, and I have no idea if this is any good. I also got Scott's rather vicious cold, which was draining my energy earlier. But for now, it feels good, which is possibly the 12-hour Sudafed. May as well be cheerful while I can, right?

The distinguished green figure in the beret that is my userpic right now is Cthudda Hyneman, and I only take partial credit for him. I went to the pre-kickoff party for the Dayton Area NaNo group, which was vast amounts of fun, and they gave us Play-Doh to inspire us, I gather.  As soon as I looked at and felt the neon green stuff I'd chosen I was thinking Cthulhu, which says a lot about me, I'm sure, but then it went further downhill. First of all, the people around me (don't ask me for names; I only remember Ann because it's short!) and I decided he looked meditative with his tubby little tummy and his tail curled around his feet, so I turned his hands up and gave him a belly button. Cthudda was born. Then, one of our MLs (Municipal Liason) said he looked like a green walrus, and someone did the hand thing that Adam always does when he's imitating Jamie. This led to the beret (black Play-Doh kindly donated by Ann), and, when I got home, the glasses. I'm quite proud of the glasses, actually; they were kind of tricky to make. Anyway, we decided at the event that he should be my NaNo mascot, so I give you: Cthudda Hyneman, mascot of the deep! Who knows? Maybe Unspeakable Ones need Mythbusters, too.

/:€ Come to think of it, the Jamie emoticon looks a bit Cthulhuesque in Arial anyway... ;)

Edit: remembered what the "M" in "ML" stands for! All by myself! xD
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 So, I haven't been to the dentist since before I got married. First I delayed, then I got yanked around a bit by the setup, then I delayed some more, but with a better reason (Coverage started in June. We moved in August.). So I felt a wee bit apprehensive about telling the dentist this, which may have contributed to my current delay, for which I have no excuses. :P

Much to my surprise, the dental office seems to have anticipated this, since their hold message (paraphrased) is "Don't worry if you haven't been to a dentist in awhile, even years! We will not judge you and will do our best to make you feel comfortable!" Mind you, the first time I ever went to the dentist, I was 21, so four years is not a whole lot compared to that.

And yes, they actually said they would not judge. That's probably going to crack me up for the rest of the day, but we all know I'm easily amused.
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 /:€ Jamie Hyneman emoticon! I am squee!

Got that from MythBusters' Twitter. I now need to make a macro for it on WoW and I am SET. xD


Jun. 25th, 2010 01:02 am
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Ow. Ow ow ow. My brain was apparently feeling receptive and I looked at [ profile] ursulav 's plague rabbit sketches... ... and I've been doing altogether too many Doctor Who-related things, PLUS I just got a steampunk campaign book for D&D. Apparently my muse stuck that in a blender and wants me to do all of it at once. OW.
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Okay, so I'm sure everyone (at least everyone on MY FL) knows about the fortune cookie game, where you add "in bed" after your fortune, right? Well, some fortunes are hilarious whether you do so or not.

An actual fortune I got at Mongolian Grill yesterday: "Anyone can 'start,' only the thoroughbred will 'finish!'" Both "start" and "finish" are genuinely in quotes (of course I kept it). I laughed so hard, I'm sure the waitress thought something was wrong with me. Just thought that was too funny not to share. 
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Kari, Tory and Grant were redoing "Knock Your Socks Off" and Kari kept using the phrase "socks of least resistance" which made me crack up... and made me ponder. So! D&Ders! IF/when we get back to the D&D (I've had a few suggestions on how to do it long-distance {see below}), do not be surprised to see that possibly pop up as an item name.

Suggestions on long-distance D&D? So far we have:

  • OpenRPG and Ventrilo
  • Ventrilo alone (for those of you who keep whining about not needing visual aids, take that!)
  • Ventrilo+Webcam+Some kind of mutual grid for combat (suggestions include a chessboard, pre-determined graph paper, and similar)
  • I've never done Skype: What capabilities does it have?
And there are probably more I'm forgetting (What do you want? It's 1 am). If anyone has any other ideas or questions (we still have to work a time out, and there are people I'd like to get involved that didn't get a chance on the couple of live games. Also, with any of these, all of my players will HAVE to e-mail me updated character sheets any time something interesting happens, or they won't be allowed to use new abilities/pets/whatever. I am also open to more than one game running , though I'd prefer not to DM them both/all.

If anyone has any ideas, lemme know! I wanted to get our game off the freakin' ground! I'm expecting to be busier in Ohio, when we go, but we're all busy people; we can make it work! Anyone else who wants to play: Don't be intimidated! I can and will run tutorial sessions for novices if you want me to.

And to anyone who wants to know, I have no idea when I'll be in Wyoming next. This spring and summer is being made up as we go along! Not this week for sure; other than that: Not a freakin' clue.
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"Thank you for buying The Silent Force by Within Temptation. You might also like the album Supergott (Speedy Remixes) by Caramell."

What. The. FUCK?

The only thing I can think of offhand is that they're both European, but REALLY? There are a LOT of people in Europe. Caramell is Swedish, and Within Temptation is Dutch.

*cries* My iTunes is trying to drive me insaaaaane...

Edited to fix open quotes.
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So a random comment made me get my lazy bum into making my Mythbusters icon. Those of you who have seen my lol on Cheezburger have likely seen it before, but c'mon, it's Mythbusters! Besides, I was long overdue a Mythbusters icon.

Also:  Denver last year. I caught this TOTALLY by accident. I realize this is rather large, but I wanted you to see it in all its loveliness. This one is all mine; I took it in Denver last spring. 
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"Because you own Hefty Fine (Bloodhound Gang), Genius recommends Dark Light by HIM."

HOW, exactly, are the Bloodhound Gang and  HIM related on a musical level? Or, now that I think about it, a LOT of levels? Someone help me understand how iTunes Genius made this deduction. 

...mind you, it's kind of spooky because I like them both, but only periodically and specific songs from either one. But that's irrelevant, because iTunes has no way of knowing that. *looks surreptitiously for monitoring devices*

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Decided that the black and purple was a bit too dark, but white hurts the eyeballs. We'll see how this one goes. :)
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So, I'm trying to write this story, and I'm thinking of something that could be left as a trail to somewhere that the birds wouldn't eat and that isn't totally overdone. Sometimes it just comes to me by free association if I let it percolate. Not today:

Me: What could he leave a trail of, that isn't totally ridiculous and overdone, and OH BY THE WAY, birds would totally eat seeds, breadcrumbs, etc etc.
Brain: Butternut Squash!
Me: *facepalms*

That's right. I just facepalmed my own brain. Butternut squash? Really? It was almost Gir-like in its randomness. The only thing I can think of that makes any sense is I was watching Mythbusters the other night, and Grant compared something to an unappetizing soup made of butternut squash. But that was two days ago. I mean, yes, I'm hungry right now, but really? That's free association for ya.


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No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If you can't tell, I've been watching far too much Flying Circus. Oh, well.


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