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In addition to the other websites not to drink beverages while reading, add the Nightmail archive on the Nightwish site. I don't think this tea is supposed to put me to sleep by exiting my sinuses.
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Okay, real quick: The last month and a half has been crazy busy and I've been too hot and blah to do an actual update. So what anyone who keeps track of me via LiveJournal is getting is a quickie. I may post something larger later.

Nightwish (May 26): Excellent. They played The Siren. I was so excited, I said "yes!" loud enough that I'm pretty sure the whole band heard me. Is oki. I have no dignity as it comes to me being a fangirl. The trip down had moments of Road Trip From HELL, but the part we went through all the trouble to get to was fan-fucking-tastic. Period. Oh and I got splashed a teensy bit when Tuomas tossed his water bottle, and I didn't squeal like a total infatuated fangirl. Go me. Hopefully, we can get the VIP tix next time and meet them in person.... and hopefully I don't fangirl spaz and make an ass out of myself.

Pre-wedding, post-Nightwish was insane and painful and not much fun. We won't go there.

Wedding (June 21): To everyone's surprise, and possibly my own as well, I didn't cry much during the ceremony. Apparently I ran out of tears the day before. Still not going there. Instead, I had to fight back the urge not to giggle madly, which should tell you how stressed I was. Or not. Who knows? Anyway, it was beautiful, everything turned out great, and the only thing I forgot was the cake topper. Oh, well. The cake was beautiful anyway, and very tasty. It was demolished, so apparently the guests agreed. The reception, due to the almost 90-degree weather, was fairly short, but fun anyway. My sister got Scott and me a hotel room once she realized we didn't have actual plans, so we got a 1-night honeymoon (which is all we got the first time, too, but MUCH better than nothing). Oh right. True to my fangirlyness, we had three actual Nightwish songs involved somehow with the wedding, and one that they'd covered as well. They were, by necessity, all instrumental, but I could kiss Tuomas for releasing Dark Passion Play with the second disk being totally instrumental. "Last of the Wilds" was the recessional, so the photographer undoubtedly got a great picture of me grinning, since we hit the end of the pews right when the actual rock part of the song started. No Wedding March for me, thanks.

Okay. That's actually all the interesting things that have happened. It's been baking hot, alternating with hail and rain, which makes me crabby, as I hate hot weather. Yes, I know I was complaining in the winter, too, but that was about the SNOW, not the COLD. I like cold. I'm going to hide in my basement on August 2nd, or risk being deafened by the squeeing Twilight fangirls who come out in force for the fourth book. I'd get it for Cait for her birthday, but I'd guess she's had it reserved since they let her. XD


phew, that felt good.

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Nightwish in less than a week! I'm so excited I keep happy-dancing in the living room. All wedding-related stuff has fallen by the wayside whilst I enjoy epic rockness. 
The bad news is that my gorgeous, black, nearly brand-new camera has GONE MISSING. The main problem with this is that I have a lot of art and crap on there; however, the problem that occupies my mind right at the moment is that my cameraphone, while being good enough to take a quick snap of a powder blue Prius to make people lol, is only 1.3 megapixels, and has no shake adjustment. It's a rock show. The FLOOR will be vibrating. My camera that my mom got me is a 7.1 megapixel Polaroid with (and this is the important part) shake-resistance built in. BUGGER. Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger!

So, my current solution is that I'll nick my sister-in-law's Kodak for the weekend and save all the pix to a disc when I get home. But still. I heart my camera. It were present. Where did it go?

Anyway. Nightwish. Nightwish. Nightwish! NIGHTWISH!!!

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Seriously. If we weren't actually already married, I would send him back in the mails and get my money back. Planning a wedding is a PAIN IN THE ASS. It would help if the people who are supposed to sell me shit would call me back, or if David's Bridal hadn't fucked up my invitations, hence making my mother hysterical (WHICH I DIDN'T NEED) and making sure half the people we know think we're cancelling it. On top of that, I live in South Dakota. The wedding is in Wyoming. People are like, "So, hey, can you come in today?" And I'm like, "Uhhhhh no. I'm in Rapid City, dudes." AND I don't have a DJ. Everyone is either booked or not returning my phonecalls. Or, by now, probably BOTH. It took me several MONTHS to get my families' addresses, being as no one seems to remember that I don't have any of them. To be fair, I forgot to ask my dad in person before, but I keep sending e-mails out to the abyss, and the abyss swallows 'em up. I can't do this by myself, and my husband has made a grand total of THREE decisions. Altogether. GAAAAAAHHH. That is IT. I'm either moving to a faraway country and becoming a hermit or becoming a groupie.

There is good news. Nightwish is in 11 days, and plans for that proceed apace. All we need is a hotel, and we're set. Since my mom offered to take us in, if there's ANY chance we can't get one, it's not mega-bad. Just mostly bad, as she lives in a trailer. There's eight of us going, so we'd fit, but it would get tight. But, hey. I would go through so much more to see Nightwish again (and again and again and maybe a zillion more times). So I'm a fangirl. So what? I'm an excited happy fangirl, which is what counts. So I have a nearby opportunity to decide to become a groupie. Sadly, I'd have to leave the dog here, and visit. But it's almost worth it. 

Dude. I'm a NERD. I just went through all 3437 of my songs on iTunes and found coverart and clarified the albums, just so I could find stuff in a hurry. I've been doing it for about six hours a day for three days, and I just now got done (I have some obscure stuff). And now, to add more music! 

Okay, so I'm actually not in that bad of a mood. I'm going home tomorrow, and Caitlyn and Chelsea said they'd help with the addressing, so the only ones I absolutely have to get done by tomorrow are the two going to Australia. Since Dad wrote down all the addresses for me, I can do that. For any of you who were wondering, yes, I'm just now starting. I got them yesterday. I was supposed to two weeks ago. Let's not go any further on that topic, or I shall rant.  Holly and I (and maybe her cousin) are going to Ft Collins to order her dress this weekend, so that's a road trip and definitely lunch out. With help, we ought to get the invites done this weekend. :)

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Damn damn damn. I really did want to post this for a reason, you know. OHHHHHH.

I remember now: I wanted to say that I found my source images for Jukka, so the Nightwish drawing project lives on! 

Oh, and I have a pet dragon on my Facebook... with a pirate hat.
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So...yeah. Most of you know this already, but I drew a picture of Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish (why yes, the exact one that is my userpic; clever of you to notice), and I posted it on DeviantArt, which is not terribly fangirly, not any more so than drawing it to begin with. And it's a damn good picture, too: There. Now you can go check it out for yourself. The real fangirly part comes after. I MySpace messaged Nightwish with zer linkage, and invited them to go see. Seriously. FANGIRL. I am soooo red..

Anywho, Merry Christmas or other wintery holidayness! We have a tradition that we open a present on Christmas Eve, so I already got to open my new DS game: Zelda Phantom Hourglass! Yay! I got something that was on my list! And, because it makes things more fun, on Saturday night, I got a Nightwish t-shirt from my friend Chelsea, and the next day I got a book about the full history of Punk from Holly! So, I'm all excited now 'cuz I have a crapload of presents. Oh, and I got 30 bucks to spend on Amazon from my dad, which will last...well, until I get home, and not far after. I think I did good shopping, too. Everyone so far has liked their stuff. ^-^

Oh. Right. Christmas cards. We got hit with a ton of snow last week and, since I'm still a n00b driver, it was decided all around that it would be better if I stayed the hell off the road. So.....I didn't get Christmas cards out. I'm so sorry!!! They may end up being New Year's cards instead. The weather is NOT cooperating! ><

To end on a happier note, I'm all wound up, and, though I am a crazy fangirl, at least it's venting itself in positive ways. Oki, peace and love and happy stuffs to everyone and have a fun Christmas, k??
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   Okay. Just real quick, because I promised I would: I'm listening to End of an Era (Nightwish's last show with Tarja), and I've heard a few of the same songs Anette did, and I will cast my official vote on which is better live. First of all, audio quality has nothing to do with it; Nightwish's sound techs rock my pants off. Seriously. No matter what. I'd consider it to be on pretty much even footing, since Tarja-fanatics (none of whom will read this, but nevermind) would say it's unfair to compare Anette with Tarja from Angels Fall First (I'd call that dead even, but don't ask me). This is Tarja at the absolute peak of her career with Nightwish.
   As you can probably tell from the smartass commentary, I choose you, Pikachu!! Sorry. I had that one coming (and if I didn't just get that obnoxious song stuck in your head, I'm not trying hard enough). Anyway, I like Anette better live. I kinda figured I would: Operatic sopranos don't benefit from the rock-specific strains involved in something like Nightwish. Mrs. Patton, for one, would point out that the talking between numbers, which she almost has to do, kills the furthest benefits of her warm-up. Not all of it, but it means she has to push more for her highest and lowest notes. A lyrical voice like Anette's suffers slightly less from that sort of thing. Also, Tarja's accent comes and goes. A lot. I realize that she's speaking in Finnish, while Anette was speaking in English, and that might have something to do with it and I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but Marco's doesn't change. I'm talking about her singing accent, in case that wasn't clear. I've said before, as well, that I like Anette's diction better: She's much easier to understand. Could be the voice. Don't know. On a side note, I love Marco's voice anytime, live or not. A lot. Mmrrr. Sorry. "High Hopes" is playing, which distracts me. :D
   You'd think I'd be sleepy, but I'm really not. I slept earlier, but I couldn't stay asleep. Apparently the brain has decided five hours is just bloody fine for sleep. ><
   ANYway (sorry; I stick even worse to topic on little sleep and under the influence of Marco Hietala), I promised myself I'd listen to this before making a final call, because I like Over the Hills and Far Away (the album, and yes, Holly, you can have a copy), but the live performances from that early make me wince, because Tarja overuses the HELL out of her voice. It has nothing to do with Tuomas, because they found someone else to sing his parts. Even if they hadn't, I'm rather fond of his voice. I know he hates it, but I rather like it. With some practice, it would be a very lovely baritone. Aaaannnd I'm off-topic AGAIN. What do you expect from insomnia-based updates? Maybe I should switch songs...but I don't really want to. This joins Metallica's "Turn the Page" as one of my favorite covers of all time. Seriously. Love it love it lots. Best birthday present I ever got myself.^^
   Okay. I'm switching to "Wish I Had An Angel," and Marco just said "Fuck yeah!!!" which made me giggle. He swears more than I do. I already decided that I like Anette better than the ALBUM version; I just like her voice better on this song. I've heard Tarja lose the accent before; most English singing sounds the close to the same, pronunciation wise, in operatic style, because it depends more on vowels than non-operatic singing. She's being lazy with her enunciation is what it is, and why it annoys me. Oh well. 
   On yet another diversion, I gave Tarja's solo album a fair shot, but I spent all four of the songs I listened to missing Emppu horribly. The rest of the boys, too, but the guitar is the most noticeable difference. It's softer, which suits her, but the lyrics either sound angsty or sound like the writer wants to be Tuomas, but doesn't have his experience. "I Walk Alone" lingers in the mind, so the tune is catchy enough, but the tone behind it makes me sad and angry at the same time. Maybe I'll get used to it; I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to music, but I don't instantly like it like I did "Bye Bye Beautiful" which is the Nightwish equivalent of the same basic sentiment. 
   Closing thoughts? Hmmm...well, I may have to wait awhile and get back to you because I may be letting my feelings about what happened directly after this concert taint my opinion, but I rather doubt it. There was an absolute bastard in my choir class my sophomore year, but oh my GOD, did he have the voice of an angel. I tend not to let my personal feelings affect my enjoyment of good music. If anything, I wish I could say that Anette and Tarja are even in my mind, because I love ALL of Nightwish's music. Seriously. ALL of it. I own most of it. And Tarja's voice is a-fucking-mazing, but it's just not as good live as Anette's is. Fuck it; why am I trying to apologize for this? It's a subjective opinion; I'm allowed to like whichever one better SO THERE. I love them both, but if someone told me I HAD to chose, it would be Anette.
   Right. That's it. All done. Before I start rambling completely, because we all know I'm prone to it. That, and my typing's degenerating. Maybe I can go back to bed now that I've made this decision that is crucial to the fate of the universe. :P
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 Dude. Wow. I wanted to wait a bit before posting, so I'd be coherent, so the concert was actually over 2 hours ago, but that's oki, right?? Now, I am, as most people can tell you, sadly deprived in the whole rock concert area of experience, and this is the first "official" show I've ever been to. But I know what I like. DUDE. I have never had so much fun before in my life. I'd go to Phoenix tomorrow if I didn't have pets waiting for me. So...
Things from the Nightwish Concert:
1. Emppu is HILARIOUS onstage. And probably offstage, but I wouldn't know. He was making faces, taking looooong drinks while holding chords, stuff like that. They all looked like they were having a ridiculous amount of fun, which made it fun for everybody.
2. Anette Olzon is bloody fantastic live. Some singers are great on zer album, but not so great live. It happens. But not with Anette. She used her voice perfectly, so it wouldn't die on her halfway or anything, and she totally interacts with the audience. I haven't had a chance to watch "End of an Era" yet, so I will withhold my verdict on which singer I like better live. 
3. Yes, Holly, we're going to Denver...and it looks like it'll be a biggish trip, cuz Katie wants to go again, and Scott would like to as well. Like I said, I'd go again tomorrow if I could. I haven't heard from Morgan yet, but it takes her awhile sometimes.
4. Concerts are a good way to meet people. I met a guy named Topher and his wife, and we chatted (yelled smart-ass remarks) for the whole show. He said he may come up to the Denver show. He also said that if I could have stayed in Albuquerque until Saturday, he could have found me a Super Nintendo for $15. Sad...but we must go. My pets miss me, and I don't like being in cities too long. I also chit-chatted with all the people around me while we were waiting for the switch between bands (which was long; technical difficulties).
5. I have heard of Paradise Lost...whoa... The opening band. I thought I had no idea who they were, but I liked them...until they played an older song and then I went, "Hey...wait a second." Anywho, they're from the UK and they're pretty bloody good.
6. Marco shook my hand!! Squeeeeeee! And yes, I washed the hand again. After being three inches away from oodles of people for four hours, I had to take a shower. But...squee. And it wasn't just a celebrity hand-slap, either; he made a point to clasp hands with everyone he could reach. Which was awesome. They have something called the "VIP Package" for later shows; it includes a meet and greet; I shall look into it. ^-^
7. Most people can't headbang and clap at the same time. I can. Also, due to the inherent band-nerdiness of me, the minute the beat started, my foot started tapping. I still can't rub my belly and pat my head unless I'm concentrating, though. ;)

Well, that's about all; we has to leave early, to avoid traffic, so I should sleep. Ni ni!
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Well, bugger. It's November, isn't it? Tomorrow, I drive to Glenrock to leave my furrry nuisances with my in-laws, and then it's ROAD TRIP time! My friend Katie and I are goin to Albuquerque to see Nightwish (which I swear I mentioned before). I'd be more excited, but it's kinda 1 am. Or, as my body likes to tell me, 2 am. It always takes me awhile to get used to daylight savings time either way. The end result, as you can tell from me posting this at 1 am, is a hideous bout of insomnia. I'm going to have to take a nap tomorrow... 

Anyway.....well, the Rockies got flattened, which would have upset me more if they hadn't pitched like CRAP. 'Sides, the Red Sox are a pretty good team, so everyone was expecting this. Well, not for them to get swept, but for them to lose. Must have been the ridiculously long rest they got beforehand. 

I've been puttering around on Photoshop (I have Elements), and I'm up to...10 deviations and a scrap on DevArt. Most of it is Final Fantasy fanart, as I have no scanner...yet. Scott's in Alabama, doing officer training, and since he drove instead of flying, we get bonus moneys. First of all, bills. Second, maybe a desktop for me. I love this thing dearly, but it's getting full. Photoshop takes up a RIDICULOUS amount of space. On top of that, I'm a gamer, and games take up waaay more than anything else. Third, an HDTV for my whiny husband. ;) Then... maybe I can get a scanner. I need either that or Tablet, cuz I can't draw with a mouse for shit. I'm lazy, so I'd prefer Tablet, but a scanner would be nice for other reasons than my own drawings, so that's prolly what I'll get. We have a printer, but it's out of ink, and I need a cable for the laptop.

Speaking of my drawings...I have a print up on DeviantArt! ^^ Not like I'm pressuring anyone to buy it, I'm just happy I did something I'm wiling to sell to people. It's called "The Siren," and I only drew it... bugger...almost three years ago. But I colored it right before I put it up and I'm really happy about how it turned out. 

I meant to post for Halloween, but I had like 6 gazillion trick-or-treaters, and I were tired. I had a HUGE bowl of treats, and I still ran out before 8:30. Next year...keg. I'll go steal an oil drum, clean that puppy out, and use it for candies. And the kids were really polite, like I always was when I went...unless there was a creepy old guy involved. In that case, I took the candy and ran. Holly... I didn't get to go this year!! I was so sad... and I had a bitchin goth costume too. But the Air Force would prolly frown on a 23-year-old housewife without kids trick-or-treatin. Next year, I'll borrow someone's cute little kids. Or I'll drive to Casper specifically to go with you guys again. 

I think that's all for today. Except I'm a NERD, cuz I'm listening to the original SNES Zelda soundtrack...which is from, like, 1992 or something (A Link to the Past, and yes, it's from 1992). The nerd part is not only that I'm listening to video game's also that I haven't played the game for...fuck...ten, twelve years? And I still remember what all the music goes to... *stands up in NA* Hi. My name is Kelsey, and I'm a nerd..."
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 Guess who went out and finally got a driver's license? That's right. It only took me...what, seven years? Yeah, about that. I got my permit (the first time) when I was sixteen, and I'll be 23 in a month. Lordy. Oh, well. It's really only to make my husband happy, since I'll still probably not drive a lot, but it's nice to have anyway. And, the way things are looking, I get the nice car, too. ^^ Call it my reward for having to drive home (from Glenrock to Rapid City) all by myself. Four hours of the most boring road in the state of Wyoming. Bleh.
 Also, I'm getting a super-mega-awesome birthday present! Katie and I are going to see Nightwish in Albuquerque on November 8th (B-day's the 11th). I like Albequerque, and I love Nightwish. I'm so excited! Apart from that...not much going on. 

Except for one brief moment of nerdiness: Happy birthday, Vincent!


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