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So, to cool down from the excitement of the Olympics (Shaun White is AMAZING!), many people would surf the internets. This is normal. However. Searching said internets for the stats for a dire crocodile: That's pretty effin nerdy. The fact that, if I can't find any that go with what I'm doing, I will MAKE a dire crocodile? Nerdier still.

...Ohey, people nerdier than me made not one, but three separate options for me. Awesome. Onward!

EDIT: And I actually own the shirt this icon is made from. Olympics are still exciting, even time-delayed, but the constant need to put myself in isolation to keep from finding things out early got old REAL fast.


Jan. 5th, 2010 03:37 pm
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I'm not going to say that this is the nerdiest nerd post ever posted, because I'm pretty damn sure even I can top it. It's pretty nerdy, all the same. If you are not interested in video games (and related stuff), stop reading now, because that's what this entire post is about. 

Nerd event #1: I walked down to our mailbox, clad in my warm and stylish Master Shield hoodie, and, lo and behold, my package from Amazon had arrived: Three soundtracks: Ocarina of Time, Ocarina: Symphony, and Majora's Mask. I squeed. My dog gave me a confused look, but she was happy just to be out on a WALK. I also bought a couple of cool remixes from the iTunes last week (watch, now that I actually own it, iTunes will release Ocarina for like ten bucks). I don't have a tattoo of the Triforce (yet), though I do think my brother's is friggin awesome, but I am amassing quite a collection of stuff. My excuse is that it's good music, and I likes it, so there. Anyway, I'm noticing AS I TYPE THIS that some of the English names on the Majora ST are wrong, so I may have to find someone who can read Japanese and ask them to help me. Also, I was about to comment that I don't have the collectible statues, but the Fierce Deity statue of Link is pretty badass. xD

Nerd event #2 (more of a rant, really): The expansion for Dragon Age: Origins is coming out the week after Final Fantasy XIII. I made rude noises at EA (who just announced this today), and, the more I think about it, the sillier this sounds. I mean, yeah, it's an expansion pack, and I don't think XIII is going to get on the PC anytime soon, which is where DA is thriving, but REALLY? Releasing any kind of RPG near the juggernaut that is Final Fantasy seems a bit arrogant, to say the least. It's like EA is expecting it to get steamrolled and wants a good excuse. I've got the expansions to Baldur's Gate 2 and Neverwinter Nights, and they're not so crappy that they couldn't hold their own against new releases, so clearly BioWare knows what the hell they're doing (never doubted THAT), but Final Fantasy is in a league of its own when it comes to sales. It's Square-Enix's money machine for a reason: It consistently sells. It's like putting a quirky new shooter up against Halo or Gears of War: it's just not good business sense. It's the same target audience.

Anyway, on a positive note, Awakening (the Dragon Age expansion) looks AMAZING, and we get to see more of our favorite characters, which would be full of win anyway (okay I'll admit it: I <3 Alistair), but it also throws a twist into the standard "Defeat all these bad monstery things and save the country" plot from the last one. So, looking forward to it, and probably going to get it, since silly marketing is no reason to not get a good game. If you have one of the systems it's on and you haven't played Dragon Age: Origins yet, by the way, GO GET IT.  I'd recommend it on PC first, but any Dragon Age is better than none. :)

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Seriously. If we weren't actually already married, I would send him back in the mails and get my money back. Planning a wedding is a PAIN IN THE ASS. It would help if the people who are supposed to sell me shit would call me back, or if David's Bridal hadn't fucked up my invitations, hence making my mother hysterical (WHICH I DIDN'T NEED) and making sure half the people we know think we're cancelling it. On top of that, I live in South Dakota. The wedding is in Wyoming. People are like, "So, hey, can you come in today?" And I'm like, "Uhhhhh no. I'm in Rapid City, dudes." AND I don't have a DJ. Everyone is either booked or not returning my phonecalls. Or, by now, probably BOTH. It took me several MONTHS to get my families' addresses, being as no one seems to remember that I don't have any of them. To be fair, I forgot to ask my dad in person before, but I keep sending e-mails out to the abyss, and the abyss swallows 'em up. I can't do this by myself, and my husband has made a grand total of THREE decisions. Altogether. GAAAAAAHHH. That is IT. I'm either moving to a faraway country and becoming a hermit or becoming a groupie.

There is good news. Nightwish is in 11 days, and plans for that proceed apace. All we need is a hotel, and we're set. Since my mom offered to take us in, if there's ANY chance we can't get one, it's not mega-bad. Just mostly bad, as she lives in a trailer. There's eight of us going, so we'd fit, but it would get tight. But, hey. I would go through so much more to see Nightwish again (and again and again and maybe a zillion more times). So I'm a fangirl. So what? I'm an excited happy fangirl, which is what counts. So I have a nearby opportunity to decide to become a groupie. Sadly, I'd have to leave the dog here, and visit. But it's almost worth it. 

Dude. I'm a NERD. I just went through all 3437 of my songs on iTunes and found coverart and clarified the albums, just so I could find stuff in a hurry. I've been doing it for about six hours a day for three days, and I just now got done (I have some obscure stuff). And now, to add more music! 

Okay, so I'm actually not in that bad of a mood. I'm going home tomorrow, and Caitlyn and Chelsea said they'd help with the addressing, so the only ones I absolutely have to get done by tomorrow are the two going to Australia. Since Dad wrote down all the addresses for me, I can do that. For any of you who were wondering, yes, I'm just now starting. I got them yesterday. I was supposed to two weeks ago. Let's not go any further on that topic, or I shall rant.  Holly and I (and maybe her cousin) are going to Ft Collins to order her dress this weekend, so that's a road trip and definitely lunch out. With help, we ought to get the invites done this weekend. :)

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I took some nerd tests... yay. 


<a href="">
<img src="" alt=" says I'm 5% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!">

<a href="">
<img src="" alt=" says I'm a Slightly Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!">

Not ONLY am I a flaming nerd, I used my own screencap of WoW to prove it. XD

EDIT: Okay, so the HTML is NOT working. I'll work on it later, but I's havin issues, so...
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Well, bugger. It's November, isn't it? Tomorrow, I drive to Glenrock to leave my furrry nuisances with my in-laws, and then it's ROAD TRIP time! My friend Katie and I are goin to Albuquerque to see Nightwish (which I swear I mentioned before). I'd be more excited, but it's kinda 1 am. Or, as my body likes to tell me, 2 am. It always takes me awhile to get used to daylight savings time either way. The end result, as you can tell from me posting this at 1 am, is a hideous bout of insomnia. I'm going to have to take a nap tomorrow... 

Anyway.....well, the Rockies got flattened, which would have upset me more if they hadn't pitched like CRAP. 'Sides, the Red Sox are a pretty good team, so everyone was expecting this. Well, not for them to get swept, but for them to lose. Must have been the ridiculously long rest they got beforehand. 

I've been puttering around on Photoshop (I have Elements), and I'm up to...10 deviations and a scrap on DevArt. Most of it is Final Fantasy fanart, as I have no scanner...yet. Scott's in Alabama, doing officer training, and since he drove instead of flying, we get bonus moneys. First of all, bills. Second, maybe a desktop for me. I love this thing dearly, but it's getting full. Photoshop takes up a RIDICULOUS amount of space. On top of that, I'm a gamer, and games take up waaay more than anything else. Third, an HDTV for my whiny husband. ;) Then... maybe I can get a scanner. I need either that or Tablet, cuz I can't draw with a mouse for shit. I'm lazy, so I'd prefer Tablet, but a scanner would be nice for other reasons than my own drawings, so that's prolly what I'll get. We have a printer, but it's out of ink, and I need a cable for the laptop.

Speaking of my drawings...I have a print up on DeviantArt! ^^ Not like I'm pressuring anyone to buy it, I'm just happy I did something I'm wiling to sell to people. It's called "The Siren," and I only drew it... bugger...almost three years ago. But I colored it right before I put it up and I'm really happy about how it turned out. 

I meant to post for Halloween, but I had like 6 gazillion trick-or-treaters, and I were tired. I had a HUGE bowl of treats, and I still ran out before 8:30. Next year...keg. I'll go steal an oil drum, clean that puppy out, and use it for candies. And the kids were really polite, like I always was when I went...unless there was a creepy old guy involved. In that case, I took the candy and ran. Holly... I didn't get to go this year!! I was so sad... and I had a bitchin goth costume too. But the Air Force would prolly frown on a 23-year-old housewife without kids trick-or-treatin. Next year, I'll borrow someone's cute little kids. Or I'll drive to Casper specifically to go with you guys again. 

I think that's all for today. Except I'm a NERD, cuz I'm listening to the original SNES Zelda soundtrack...which is from, like, 1992 or something (A Link to the Past, and yes, it's from 1992). The nerd part is not only that I'm listening to video game's also that I haven't played the game for...fuck...ten, twelve years? And I still remember what all the music goes to... *stands up in NA* Hi. My name is Kelsey, and I'm a nerd..."


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