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Yeah... I don't really post, because my life is FARGING BORING. I'm still looking for a job, but since I'm not qualified for much, and I refuse to go back into fast food, I'm not having any luck whatsoever. I had a good interview at OfficeMax, but since that was more than a week ago, and they never called back, I think they don't want someone who knows about their products...or possibly they don't want someone who knows how dysfunctional their organization is. Who knows?

So...yeah. The dog's a year old, perfectly healthy, if a bit small, and just as adorable and spazzy as ever. I still haven't killed the cat, and he's mellowing to the point that I can actually call him cute every once in awhile. I still have seven fish, they're still all alive (the algae-eater's a bit ginormous, but he's not hurting anything, and he's really pretty, so that's cool), still have the lizards, they eat bugs. Gah, my life is boring. No wonder I've stopped writing again; I have nothing to write about. I hate being a suburban military housewife. It's BORING. We're so completely broke right now that I can't even leave the fucking house, because gas is so expensive, we're on the ass-edge of town, and all anyone around here talks about is their kids and their husbands, and how nice everyone is. Someone please save me from suburbia....

I miss being able to bother Holly or Zach at 2 am if I'm bored as hell, and I'm too shy to be able to make friends easily. I'm TRYING not to be depressed, but when I have nothing to do, and no one to talk to (and my computer's still dead), it's like being in college again, but without anyone to hang out with. 

Okay, that was emo and I'm sorry, but I'm going insane, and I don't really know what to do that I'm not trying to already... Be well, everyone.

Edit: I take back what I said about the cat: the little bastard just tried to bite me because I stopped him drinking out of the bleach-tableted toilet.


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