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What with the previous report of fangirlyness being listed as on Christmas, and me going back and forth, and Scotty leaving again...well, let's just say I didn't get a chance to post zer loot.

Okay, this may take a bit because the two people who definitely got me summing on my list got a crapload of books for me. My dad got me Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (had it, but then lost it somewhere), Amy Tan's Saving Fish from Drowning, The Historian (which wasn't on the list, but that's oki), a lovely new journal,and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Quite a haul, eh? My brother got me Philosophy and The Daily Show, which is odd because I got my dad Monty Python and Philosophy. I suppose it just proves we're related. He also got me Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. My mother-in-law is still finding books for me, and she gave me a whole box full, with more to bring back when I go home tomorrow. I also got an art set from the in-laws. Holly got me Punk: The Whole Story, Chelsea gave me a Nightwish t-shirt, and I got another DS game called Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja. Since my mom and sister live in Colorado, I haven't gotten the stuffs from them yet, as the weather down there has been even more crap than the weather here. Yume got a new fetch toy, and some big rawhide bones, and Neko got a catnip-filled mouse. They both love their presents. Neko carries his mouse around, and has hidden it so the dog wouldn't take it. :D

I think that's it...I'm using my normal method of remembering, which consists of looking around until I can remember what else I got. Oh! I did get a $30 gift card from Dad for Amazon and a $25 Visa gift card from my mom, which promptly went into getting the two Nightwish concert DVDs, and, thanks to Chelsea, I also have a five-foot poster hanging by my stairs. Hey, I'm not the only one contributing to my fangirlyness. And it makes me moderately easier to shop for. So does the list, but hey, who's complaining? Not me. :P

I hope 2008 treats everybody well; so far it's going iffy for me, but that's just because Scott had to leave again, this time for Biloxi, Mississippi. He'll be back around Valentine's Day. And, hey, I can go back to being a fangirly insomniac and hogging the whole bed. ^.^ Happy New Year, everyone!
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So...yeah. Most of you know this already, but I drew a picture of Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish (why yes, the exact one that is my userpic; clever of you to notice), and I posted it on DeviantArt, which is not terribly fangirly, not any more so than drawing it to begin with. And it's a damn good picture, too: There. Now you can go check it out for yourself. The real fangirly part comes after. I MySpace messaged Nightwish with zer linkage, and invited them to go see. Seriously. FANGIRL. I am soooo red..

Anywho, Merry Christmas or other wintery holidayness! We have a tradition that we open a present on Christmas Eve, so I already got to open my new DS game: Zelda Phantom Hourglass! Yay! I got something that was on my list! And, because it makes things more fun, on Saturday night, I got a Nightwish t-shirt from my friend Chelsea, and the next day I got a book about the full history of Punk from Holly! So, I'm all excited now 'cuz I have a crapload of presents. Oh, and I got 30 bucks to spend on Amazon from my dad, which will last...well, until I get home, and not far after. I think I did good shopping, too. Everyone so far has liked their stuff. ^-^

Oh. Right. Christmas cards. We got hit with a ton of snow last week and, since I'm still a n00b driver, it was decided all around that it would be better if I stayed the hell off the road. So.....I didn't get Christmas cards out. I'm so sorry!!! They may end up being New Year's cards instead. The weather is NOT cooperating! ><

To end on a happier note, I'm all wound up, and, though I am a crazy fangirl, at least it's venting itself in positive ways. Oki, peace and love and happy stuffs to everyone and have a fun Christmas, k??
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 Dude. Wow. I wanted to wait a bit before posting, so I'd be coherent, so the concert was actually over 2 hours ago, but that's oki, right?? Now, I am, as most people can tell you, sadly deprived in the whole rock concert area of experience, and this is the first "official" show I've ever been to. But I know what I like. DUDE. I have never had so much fun before in my life. I'd go to Phoenix tomorrow if I didn't have pets waiting for me. So...
Things from the Nightwish Concert:
1. Emppu is HILARIOUS onstage. And probably offstage, but I wouldn't know. He was making faces, taking looooong drinks while holding chords, stuff like that. They all looked like they were having a ridiculous amount of fun, which made it fun for everybody.
2. Anette Olzon is bloody fantastic live. Some singers are great on zer album, but not so great live. It happens. But not with Anette. She used her voice perfectly, so it wouldn't die on her halfway or anything, and she totally interacts with the audience. I haven't had a chance to watch "End of an Era" yet, so I will withhold my verdict on which singer I like better live. 
3. Yes, Holly, we're going to Denver...and it looks like it'll be a biggish trip, cuz Katie wants to go again, and Scott would like to as well. Like I said, I'd go again tomorrow if I could. I haven't heard from Morgan yet, but it takes her awhile sometimes.
4. Concerts are a good way to meet people. I met a guy named Topher and his wife, and we chatted (yelled smart-ass remarks) for the whole show. He said he may come up to the Denver show. He also said that if I could have stayed in Albuquerque until Saturday, he could have found me a Super Nintendo for $15. Sad...but we must go. My pets miss me, and I don't like being in cities too long. I also chit-chatted with all the people around me while we were waiting for the switch between bands (which was long; technical difficulties).
5. I have heard of Paradise Lost...whoa... The opening band. I thought I had no idea who they were, but I liked them...until they played an older song and then I went, "Hey...wait a second." Anywho, they're from the UK and they're pretty bloody good.
6. Marco shook my hand!! Squeeeeeee! And yes, I washed the hand again. After being three inches away from oodles of people for four hours, I had to take a shower. But...squee. And it wasn't just a celebrity hand-slap, either; he made a point to clasp hands with everyone he could reach. Which was awesome. They have something called the "VIP Package" for later shows; it includes a meet and greet; I shall look into it. ^-^
7. Most people can't headbang and clap at the same time. I can. Also, due to the inherent band-nerdiness of me, the minute the beat started, my foot started tapping. I still can't rub my belly and pat my head unless I'm concentrating, though. ;)

Well, that's about all; we has to leave early, to avoid traffic, so I should sleep. Ni ni!


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