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I suppose you people want an update on how I'm doing after the last ranttacular post...

Fine. Really. Not holding anything back. I think after a couple months, which is the longest he's been gone before, I'll start going a bit crazy, but I'm fine right now. The confusion on the pupper is making me kind of sad, I'm a bit hair-trigger on other unrelated things, but other than that, just fine. ^^

Scott should be in Afghanistan tomorrow, and we'll hear from him by phone or e-mail soon. He gave me a pile of numbers and support thingies and stuff, so I have no excuse for being alone and feeling sorry for myself, even when I get back home. Here, I've spent the last couple of days setting things up and settling in.

Hmm... Just saw Defiance this evening; it's very good. I'd gush, but it's not really a gushing type of movie. It's kind of sad and grim, but also has its sweet/funny moments. Daniel Craig is such a good actor, I never even thought of Bond while I was watching him.

Anyhoo. If I go completely 'round the bend, I'm sure people will find out sooner rather than later, and I'll keep updating as I go.

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Anyway. The news is short and not terribly good: Scott is being deployed at the end of January, to Kabul, Afghanistan. I'm not totally sure if it just hasn't hit yet, or if I'm having one of those weird non-feeling moments. Either way, I'll be spending six months by myself. He gets two blocks of fifteen minute phone calls a week (he thinks), and I do want him to call his family, too, so most of our communication will be via e-mail and IMing. Kinda like it was at the beginning of our relationship.
No really. I'm fine. Not sure how long it'll last, but I'm okay. (probably two weeks into February; I loathe February)

On a happier note, I'm nerding out for Halloween and I'm going to be a night elf druid. From World of Warcraft, for those of you not in the know. =P Anyhoo, we're going home for that, so I gets to go trick-or-treating again (couldn't last year, due to errr... well, what would YOU think if the Lieutenant's childless wife showed up on the doorstep with zer pupper, trickortreatin?). Hopefully it's not TOO cold, because my costume is a bit on the chilly side... even with the cloak, which doesn't really go, but it's warm, so I'm taking it anyway. :D

Yeah... I feel odd, but I kinda have all day. Life is just sort of surreal lately, although I'm sure it'll pass, since it usually does. Happy Halloween! *evil laugh*

More news!

Sep. 10th, 2007 03:33 pm
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First of all, we have pet news: I am now the proud mommy of a 1 year old, brown ticked tabby cat we call Neko (I know I know, not very original). At this very moment he and Yume are chasing each other around the house. She's thrilled to have someone to play with who's her own size, and he's just sweet. I wanted an affectionate kitty, and I got one. He meows at me every time I walk into the same room, and sometimes just to say hello. He's laid-back but playful, and he adjusted to our silly Cocker very quickly. 

The other news is even better: Kelsey has one less reason to go kill someone high up... Scott got moved back to the other deployment group in his squadron, meaning he's not eligible to go far far away until January of 2009. That means my wedding can go off on the date we want it to, which is mid-June 2008! Yaaay! See? The towelgolf made this all possible. ^^

I'd have a pic of both of them, but my new webcam hates me, so I'll post one as soon as I can!

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Okay, so I'm a slacker. We knew that. But I'm a (mostly) happy slacker right now. I finally finished a sizable story, and I've got four more in the works. Squeeee! It's Final Fantasy VII/VIII fanfiction, so it can never be published in the "real world," but who cares? Two of the stories are by request, and the other two are sequels to the one I just finished. Yaaaay, Kelsey!

So it's been a year since I updated. Erm....I'm married now, and in South Dakota. We have a puppy, nine fish, and two lizards, and we're looking into getting a kitten. We have a three-bedroom house, I don't currently have a job, and, well, I'm homesick. I miss all my crazy peoples back in Wyoming, and I even kinda miss Casper itself. It sounds weird, I know, but I've lived there since I was little, and I don't know anybody here, and it's not exotic enough to make me forget how lonely I am. Everyone's really nice, but I don't make friends easily, and I'm shy of talking to people who have been doing this for a long time.

Also, Scott has to train in November, so for the fourth year running, he won't be here for my birthday. That's right: he's never been able to make it home. It's only 23 years old, nothing big, but it still makes me cranky. Oh, and the real fun part is that he's eligible for deployment in May. We have our wedding ceremony planned for June 18 (for anyone who didn't know about the ceremony, consider this notice, and I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner), so we had to add a contingency plan: if he does get deployed, the wedding's been moved to Christmas. We'll have only been married a year and a half by then...rrrrrrr...

Oki, happy thoughts! The stories are going good, I likes my house, I have a picture of Hugh Jackman in nothing but a towel and a golf glove...hehe. Oki. All better! I'll try to update more often, but, hey, no promises. ;)


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