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   Okay. Just real quick, because I promised I would: I'm listening to End of an Era (Nightwish's last show with Tarja), and I've heard a few of the same songs Anette did, and I will cast my official vote on which is better live. First of all, audio quality has nothing to do with it; Nightwish's sound techs rock my pants off. Seriously. No matter what. I'd consider it to be on pretty much even footing, since Tarja-fanatics (none of whom will read this, but nevermind) would say it's unfair to compare Anette with Tarja from Angels Fall First (I'd call that dead even, but don't ask me). This is Tarja at the absolute peak of her career with Nightwish.
   As you can probably tell from the smartass commentary, I choose you, Pikachu!! Sorry. I had that one coming (and if I didn't just get that obnoxious song stuck in your head, I'm not trying hard enough). Anyway, I like Anette better live. I kinda figured I would: Operatic sopranos don't benefit from the rock-specific strains involved in something like Nightwish. Mrs. Patton, for one, would point out that the talking between numbers, which she almost has to do, kills the furthest benefits of her warm-up. Not all of it, but it means she has to push more for her highest and lowest notes. A lyrical voice like Anette's suffers slightly less from that sort of thing. Also, Tarja's accent comes and goes. A lot. I realize that she's speaking in Finnish, while Anette was speaking in English, and that might have something to do with it and I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but Marco's doesn't change. I'm talking about her singing accent, in case that wasn't clear. I've said before, as well, that I like Anette's diction better: She's much easier to understand. Could be the voice. Don't know. On a side note, I love Marco's voice anytime, live or not. A lot. Mmrrr. Sorry. "High Hopes" is playing, which distracts me. :D
   You'd think I'd be sleepy, but I'm really not. I slept earlier, but I couldn't stay asleep. Apparently the brain has decided five hours is just bloody fine for sleep. ><
   ANYway (sorry; I stick even worse to topic on little sleep and under the influence of Marco Hietala), I promised myself I'd listen to this before making a final call, because I like Over the Hills and Far Away (the album, and yes, Holly, you can have a copy), but the live performances from that early make me wince, because Tarja overuses the HELL out of her voice. It has nothing to do with Tuomas, because they found someone else to sing his parts. Even if they hadn't, I'm rather fond of his voice. I know he hates it, but I rather like it. With some practice, it would be a very lovely baritone. Aaaannnd I'm off-topic AGAIN. What do you expect from insomnia-based updates? Maybe I should switch songs...but I don't really want to. This joins Metallica's "Turn the Page" as one of my favorite covers of all time. Seriously. Love it love it lots. Best birthday present I ever got myself.^^
   Okay. I'm switching to "Wish I Had An Angel," and Marco just said "Fuck yeah!!!" which made me giggle. He swears more than I do. I already decided that I like Anette better than the ALBUM version; I just like her voice better on this song. I've heard Tarja lose the accent before; most English singing sounds the close to the same, pronunciation wise, in operatic style, because it depends more on vowels than non-operatic singing. She's being lazy with her enunciation is what it is, and why it annoys me. Oh well. 
   On yet another diversion, I gave Tarja's solo album a fair shot, but I spent all four of the songs I listened to missing Emppu horribly. The rest of the boys, too, but the guitar is the most noticeable difference. It's softer, which suits her, but the lyrics either sound angsty or sound like the writer wants to be Tuomas, but doesn't have his experience. "I Walk Alone" lingers in the mind, so the tune is catchy enough, but the tone behind it makes me sad and angry at the same time. Maybe I'll get used to it; I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to music, but I don't instantly like it like I did "Bye Bye Beautiful" which is the Nightwish equivalent of the same basic sentiment. 
   Closing thoughts? Hmmm...well, I may have to wait awhile and get back to you because I may be letting my feelings about what happened directly after this concert taint my opinion, but I rather doubt it. There was an absolute bastard in my choir class my sophomore year, but oh my GOD, did he have the voice of an angel. I tend not to let my personal feelings affect my enjoyment of good music. If anything, I wish I could say that Anette and Tarja are even in my mind, because I love ALL of Nightwish's music. Seriously. ALL of it. I own most of it. And Tarja's voice is a-fucking-mazing, but it's just not as good live as Anette's is. Fuck it; why am I trying to apologize for this? It's a subjective opinion; I'm allowed to like whichever one better SO THERE. I love them both, but if someone told me I HAD to chose, it would be Anette.
   Right. That's it. All done. Before I start rambling completely, because we all know I'm prone to it. That, and my typing's degenerating. Maybe I can go back to bed now that I've made this decision that is crucial to the fate of the universe. :P


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