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Right. So, I'm going back to Rapid City, after a week of just chilling in Wyoming/Colorado. Also, due to our rather...eccentric spending habits, I need to get a job, to supplement our video games--I mean, income. On top of that, I'm seriously getting bored being home all day. Desperate housewife, I am not. Well, and we don't have a hot gardener...or any gardener for that matter, for me to fool around with. ;)
 I'm also thinking of taking some classes at one of the varied institutes of higher education we have kicking around the city. I'd like to get into structured art again, not just when I feel like it...and I'd like better materials, too. ^^;;; On top of that, since it would only be a part-time kinda thing, I could take whatever damn English class I wanted, which means I could take creative writing and literature without giving a crap about whether it fulfills my prerequisites. Ha! But we have to work out the whole money thing first, so I'll worry about it after Scott gets back from Alabama.
Ah, fuck it. I'm going to save up, then become a groupie. We all know I want to. Oh, right. Due to the aforementioned money issues, I'm NOT getting a desktop, so, sadly, I still have to live with the whims of my laptop and its limited memory. We'll still see about the scanner sometime down the road though. ^^
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So...nothing terribly interesting in the personal life... I'm going to kickie my kitty if he doesn't stop getting into things he bloody well knows he's not supposed to, but that's nothing new.


Before I go into my whole WTF?! speech, for anyone who doesn't know, I was born in Denver and have been a fan of the Colorado Rockies since they were the Colorado Bears, which was...bugger I feel old...more than 15 years ago. That being said, It's not "What the hell?" like they shouldn't be here, it's "What the HELL?!" how did it happen. That being clarified, I will continue. :D

What the HELL are the Colorado Rockies doing in the World FUCKING Series?! I had this thought at 6 this morning, and I was just floored. First of all, this is a team that has had six straight losing seasons, and the one right before that was just barely winning. And now? They ended the season with the second best record in the National League...right behind the Arizona Diamondbacks, who they just swept for the NLCS. For those of you unfamiliar with baseball: to win the League Championship and go on to the World Series (yes, before anyone heckles me, I am aware that it's not really "World;" let me finish), you have to win four of seven games. The Rockies won four straight, and on October 24, they will go to either Boston or Cleveland in their first-ever World Series.

Okay, so they're not the Cubs (who the Diamondbacks beat earlier). It hasn't been 100 years, only 15. But fifteen years is about the size of a major league career, and Todd Helton has been with this team for ten of those, joining right after the Rocks got splattered by the Atlanta Braves in the division series. There was some talk of trading him to the Red Sox during the offseason, but everyone stuck it through. Now, granted, the Red Sox may very well make the World Series as well, but it's not the same as being with a team that you've stuck by for ten years and watched same come from being tied in last place to going to the championship effing game. In a MONTH. So, just wanted to share the awesometacular news. ^^ Go Rockies!


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