Feb. 17th, 2009 07:50 pm
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So we went to Thermopolis for Holly's birthday. Lots of fun. All sorts of awesome. Would go into more detail except for the next bit of news.

Apparently, I picked up a Death Cold, either from swimming (is likely) or from someone specifically. So I feel like CRAP. Tired, sore throat, drippy nose, sinus pressure, achy, and I keep getting chilled. Delayed-reaction cold, too. I felt fine on Sunday, had a bit of a sore throat on Monday, and now suddenly I feel like the Gremlin of Sinus Pain smacked me in the face with his hammer (or... well, what would he have? A cadeuceus?), plus the sore throat.

So that's about it. Whining about being sick. I realize it's just a cold... but I hate being sick. Ironically, I also hate how whiny being sick can make me. So, apologies for the whining about the cold.

Before Holly reads this and feels bad, Thermopolis, and the whole weekend really, was über über fun, and I didn't feel like crap until well after it was over. :D
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 Guess who went out and finally got a driver's license? That's right. It only took me...what, seven years? Yeah, about that. I got my permit (the first time) when I was sixteen, and I'll be 23 in a month. Lordy. Oh, well. It's really only to make my husband happy, since I'll still probably not drive a lot, but it's nice to have anyway. And, the way things are looking, I get the nice car, too. ^^ Call it my reward for having to drive home (from Glenrock to Rapid City) all by myself. Four hours of the most boring road in the state of Wyoming. Bleh.
 Also, I'm getting a super-mega-awesome birthday present! Katie and I are going to see Nightwish in Albuquerque on November 8th (B-day's the 11th). I like Albequerque, and I love Nightwish. I'm so excited! Apart from that...not much going on. 

Except for one brief moment of nerdiness: Happy birthday, Vincent!


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