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 Dude. Wow. I wanted to wait a bit before posting, so I'd be coherent, so the concert was actually over 2 hours ago, but that's oki, right?? Now, I am, as most people can tell you, sadly deprived in the whole rock concert area of experience, and this is the first "official" show I've ever been to. But I know what I like. DUDE. I have never had so much fun before in my life. I'd go to Phoenix tomorrow if I didn't have pets waiting for me. So...
Things from the Nightwish Concert:
1. Emppu is HILARIOUS onstage. And probably offstage, but I wouldn't know. He was making faces, taking looooong drinks while holding chords, stuff like that. They all looked like they were having a ridiculous amount of fun, which made it fun for everybody.
2. Anette Olzon is bloody fantastic live. Some singers are great on zer album, but not so great live. It happens. But not with Anette. She used her voice perfectly, so it wouldn't die on her halfway or anything, and she totally interacts with the audience. I haven't had a chance to watch "End of an Era" yet, so I will withhold my verdict on which singer I like better live. 
3. Yes, Holly, we're going to Denver...and it looks like it'll be a biggish trip, cuz Katie wants to go again, and Scott would like to as well. Like I said, I'd go again tomorrow if I could. I haven't heard from Morgan yet, but it takes her awhile sometimes.
4. Concerts are a good way to meet people. I met a guy named Topher and his wife, and we chatted (yelled smart-ass remarks) for the whole show. He said he may come up to the Denver show. He also said that if I could have stayed in Albuquerque until Saturday, he could have found me a Super Nintendo for $15. Sad...but we must go. My pets miss me, and I don't like being in cities too long. I also chit-chatted with all the people around me while we were waiting for the switch between bands (which was long; technical difficulties).
5. I have heard of Paradise Lost...whoa... The opening band. I thought I had no idea who they were, but I liked them...until they played an older song and then I went, "Hey...wait a second." Anywho, they're from the UK and they're pretty bloody good.
6. Marco shook my hand!! Squeeeeeee! And yes, I washed the hand again. After being three inches away from oodles of people for four hours, I had to take a shower. But...squee. And it wasn't just a celebrity hand-slap, either; he made a point to clasp hands with everyone he could reach. Which was awesome. They have something called the "VIP Package" for later shows; it includes a meet and greet; I shall look into it. ^-^
7. Most people can't headbang and clap at the same time. I can. Also, due to the inherent band-nerdiness of me, the minute the beat started, my foot started tapping. I still can't rub my belly and pat my head unless I'm concentrating, though. ;)

Well, that's about all; we has to leave early, to avoid traffic, so I should sleep. Ni ni!
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Well, bugger. It's November, isn't it? Tomorrow, I drive to Glenrock to leave my furrry nuisances with my in-laws, and then it's ROAD TRIP time! My friend Katie and I are goin to Albuquerque to see Nightwish (which I swear I mentioned before). I'd be more excited, but it's kinda 1 am. Or, as my body likes to tell me, 2 am. It always takes me awhile to get used to daylight savings time either way. The end result, as you can tell from me posting this at 1 am, is a hideous bout of insomnia. I'm going to have to take a nap tomorrow... 

Anyway.....well, the Rockies got flattened, which would have upset me more if they hadn't pitched like CRAP. 'Sides, the Red Sox are a pretty good team, so everyone was expecting this. Well, not for them to get swept, but for them to lose. Must have been the ridiculously long rest they got beforehand. 

I've been puttering around on Photoshop (I have Elements), and I'm up to...10 deviations and a scrap on DevArt. Most of it is Final Fantasy fanart, as I have no scanner...yet. Scott's in Alabama, doing officer training, and since he drove instead of flying, we get bonus moneys. First of all, bills. Second, maybe a desktop for me. I love this thing dearly, but it's getting full. Photoshop takes up a RIDICULOUS amount of space. On top of that, I'm a gamer, and games take up waaay more than anything else. Third, an HDTV for my whiny husband. ;) Then... maybe I can get a scanner. I need either that or Tablet, cuz I can't draw with a mouse for shit. I'm lazy, so I'd prefer Tablet, but a scanner would be nice for other reasons than my own drawings, so that's prolly what I'll get. We have a printer, but it's out of ink, and I need a cable for the laptop.

Speaking of my drawings...I have a print up on DeviantArt! ^^ Not like I'm pressuring anyone to buy it, I'm just happy I did something I'm wiling to sell to people. It's called "The Siren," and I only drew it... bugger...almost three years ago. But I colored it right before I put it up and I'm really happy about how it turned out. 

I meant to post for Halloween, but I had like 6 gazillion trick-or-treaters, and I were tired. I had a HUGE bowl of treats, and I still ran out before 8:30. Next year...keg. I'll go steal an oil drum, clean that puppy out, and use it for candies. And the kids were really polite, like I always was when I went...unless there was a creepy old guy involved. In that case, I took the candy and ran. Holly... I didn't get to go this year!! I was so sad... and I had a bitchin goth costume too. But the Air Force would prolly frown on a 23-year-old housewife without kids trick-or-treatin. Next year, I'll borrow someone's cute little kids. Or I'll drive to Casper specifically to go with you guys again. 

I think that's all for today. Except I'm a NERD, cuz I'm listening to the original SNES Zelda soundtrack...which is from, like, 1992 or something (A Link to the Past, and yes, it's from 1992). The nerd part is not only that I'm listening to video game's also that I haven't played the game for...fuck...ten, twelve years? And I still remember what all the music goes to... *stands up in NA* Hi. My name is Kelsey, and I'm a nerd..."
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 Guess who went out and finally got a driver's license? That's right. It only took me...what, seven years? Yeah, about that. I got my permit (the first time) when I was sixteen, and I'll be 23 in a month. Lordy. Oh, well. It's really only to make my husband happy, since I'll still probably not drive a lot, but it's nice to have anyway. And, the way things are looking, I get the nice car, too. ^^ Call it my reward for having to drive home (from Glenrock to Rapid City) all by myself. Four hours of the most boring road in the state of Wyoming. Bleh.
 Also, I'm getting a super-mega-awesome birthday present! Katie and I are going to see Nightwish in Albuquerque on November 8th (B-day's the 11th). I like Albequerque, and I love Nightwish. I'm so excited! Apart from that...not much going on. 

Except for one brief moment of nerdiness: Happy birthday, Vincent!


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