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1: Random (no, really. Most of it is babble)
2: Fangirl? Could be. I fangirl on many topics at once.
3: Music. Not ABOUT music, actual music. Permanent iPod shuffle built into my brain.
4: Trying to remember what I'm forgetting.
5: Nerdiness. Of all sorts. Userpics speak for a lot.

...most of those are probably interchangeable, depending on how much sleep I've been getting.
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So, I'm trying to write this story, and I'm thinking of something that could be left as a trail to somewhere that the birds wouldn't eat and that isn't totally overdone. Sometimes it just comes to me by free association if I let it percolate. Not today:

Me: What could he leave a trail of, that isn't totally ridiculous and overdone, and OH BY THE WAY, birds would totally eat seeds, breadcrumbs, etc etc.
Brain: Butternut Squash!
Me: *facepalms*

That's right. I just facepalmed my own brain. Butternut squash? Really? It was almost Gir-like in its randomness. The only thing I can think of that makes any sense is I was watching Mythbusters the other night, and Grant compared something to an unappetizing soup made of butternut squash. But that was two days ago. I mean, yes, I'm hungry right now, but really? That's free association for ya.


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In addition to the other websites not to drink beverages while reading, add the Nightmail archive on the Nightwish site. I don't think this tea is supposed to put me to sleep by exiting my sinuses.
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So, to cool down from the excitement of the Olympics (Shaun White is AMAZING!), many people would surf the internets. This is normal. However. Searching said internets for the stats for a dire crocodile: That's pretty effin nerdy. The fact that, if I can't find any that go with what I'm doing, I will MAKE a dire crocodile? Nerdier still.

...Ohey, people nerdier than me made not one, but three separate options for me. Awesome. Onward!

EDIT: And I actually own the shirt this icon is made from. Olympics are still exciting, even time-delayed, but the constant need to put myself in isolation to keep from finding things out early got old REAL fast.
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Well, I'm married, and Scott does try to do nice things for me and I for him, but not just on Valentine's Day. My friend's birthday is that day, however, and we've got plans to go home and see her.
My one thing I do want for Valentine's Day in particular, but also on a semi-regular basis anyway, is flowers. Not totally sure why, except that I love having flowers around, and it's sweet for someone else to get them for me. :D
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No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If you can't tell, I've been watching far too much Flying Circus. Oh, well.


Jan. 5th, 2010 03:37 pm
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I'm not going to say that this is the nerdiest nerd post ever posted, because I'm pretty damn sure even I can top it. It's pretty nerdy, all the same. If you are not interested in video games (and related stuff), stop reading now, because that's what this entire post is about. 

Nerd event #1: I walked down to our mailbox, clad in my warm and stylish Master Shield hoodie, and, lo and behold, my package from Amazon had arrived: Three soundtracks: Ocarina of Time, Ocarina: Symphony, and Majora's Mask. I squeed. My dog gave me a confused look, but she was happy just to be out on a WALK. I also bought a couple of cool remixes from the iTunes last week (watch, now that I actually own it, iTunes will release Ocarina for like ten bucks). I don't have a tattoo of the Triforce (yet), though I do think my brother's is friggin awesome, but I am amassing quite a collection of stuff. My excuse is that it's good music, and I likes it, so there. Anyway, I'm noticing AS I TYPE THIS that some of the English names on the Majora ST are wrong, so I may have to find someone who can read Japanese and ask them to help me. Also, I was about to comment that I don't have the collectible statues, but the Fierce Deity statue of Link is pretty badass. xD

Nerd event #2 (more of a rant, really): The expansion for Dragon Age: Origins is coming out the week after Final Fantasy XIII. I made rude noises at EA (who just announced this today), and, the more I think about it, the sillier this sounds. I mean, yeah, it's an expansion pack, and I don't think XIII is going to get on the PC anytime soon, which is where DA is thriving, but REALLY? Releasing any kind of RPG near the juggernaut that is Final Fantasy seems a bit arrogant, to say the least. It's like EA is expecting it to get steamrolled and wants a good excuse. I've got the expansions to Baldur's Gate 2 and Neverwinter Nights, and they're not so crappy that they couldn't hold their own against new releases, so clearly BioWare knows what the hell they're doing (never doubted THAT), but Final Fantasy is in a league of its own when it comes to sales. It's Square-Enix's money machine for a reason: It consistently sells. It's like putting a quirky new shooter up against Halo or Gears of War: it's just not good business sense. It's the same target audience.

Anyway, on a positive note, Awakening (the Dragon Age expansion) looks AMAZING, and we get to see more of our favorite characters, which would be full of win anyway (okay I'll admit it: I <3 Alistair), but it also throws a twist into the standard "Defeat all these bad monstery things and save the country" plot from the last one. So, looking forward to it, and probably going to get it, since silly marketing is no reason to not get a good game. If you have one of the systems it's on and you haven't played Dragon Age: Origins yet, by the way, GO GET IT.  I'd recommend it on PC first, but any Dragon Age is better than none. :)


Dec. 16th, 2009 12:45 pm
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Just a minor moment of ponderment. I realize this is totally something everyone already knows, but it still boggles me: People will get into arguments on the Internet about ANYTHING and will make seriously hurtful remarks while doing so. There'd be a lot less flaming going on if someone would add an extra to peoples' computers that slaps them when they say something they should get slapped for. Don't make personal remarks to people who are voicing opinions on a blog, people. Really. Even if it's a stupid opinion, the person who posted it has a right to it. Mutter to yourself what a twit they are and move on.

I'll end this with something I heard again recently: "Getting into an argument on the Web is a stupid idea. Even if you 'win', you look like an idiot."
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Why does insomnia always make me nauseous? It's bad enough feeling like my eyeballs are trying to burrow in for the winter...
I will TRY to get Christmas cards out this year, if I can find the bloody file again. If your address has changed in the last year or so, or you think I don't know it, tell me now, please. :)
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I get quite talkative and philosophical when I've been up early drinking chamomile tea all day. I've been up reading Digger since about 7 am...
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Just found this on Neil Gaiman's blog. WATCH IT. Right now. I'll wait.

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So that's my bruise; isn't it pretty?

Forgot that I hadn't shared this story yet, until I read someone else's journal of pain. :P
Anyhoo, so about two weeks ago, we went out to see Mercury and the Pleiades because we're all nerds (by we, I mean my mother-in-law, my sis-in-law, one of her friends, and myself). It had been raining quite heavily the day before, and we were parked on what, in dry weather, would probably be described as "sandy." Sand mud, as I found out, is quite slippery. I was hopping up into the bed of the truck, lost my back leg's footing while my front leg was halfway up, and met the tailgate with every part of my right leg. I took off all the skin on my shin, some of the skin on my knee, and bruised my thigh (above) and said knee quite badly. This was two weeks ago, I've been icing it when I can since, and it still REALLY hurts to put weight on my knee. I realize I ought to be worried about the actual serious injury part, but I mostly can't stop thinking about how much my physical therapist is going to laugh at me if I end up in there with knee problems yet again.
Also, not a week after that, I got up in a hurry to answer the phone, and strained the OTHER knee. Holly can attest to that, since I showed up to D&D with the strained knee braced.
The picture of the bruise is from the first day I got it, when I thought that was going to be the part that ended up hurting the worst, since none of the knee bruises had even shown up yet. Now it looks even more like a gigantic hickey. No really, it does. Everyone who's seen it says so.
So that was my adventure of the month! I s'pose, since I get free medical, I should probably have me doctor look at it, since I'll be up there next week anyway. If it still hurts, I'll consider it.
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First of all, HOW is it three in the morning???
If you'd like to honestly know the answer to that question it's because of:
Ursula Vernon's Digger webcomic. I just read it from about the fourth chapter on. It's in the tenth now. I meant to stop at 1 am, but well, I didn't.
READ THIS. Not right this minute, if you don't have a few hours to spare, but SOON. I will warn you ahead of time, though it has her usual sense of humor, and you will be either laughing or smothering giggles (depending on when you read it) for a lot of it, there are heart-wrenching moments as well. Lots of them, in fact. READ IT. If you regret it, it kinda makes me wonder why you're reading my LJ... not in a bad way, more in a "WTF?" way, but really.


Feb. 17th, 2009 07:50 pm
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So we went to Thermopolis for Holly's birthday. Lots of fun. All sorts of awesome. Would go into more detail except for the next bit of news.

Apparently, I picked up a Death Cold, either from swimming (is likely) or from someone specifically. So I feel like CRAP. Tired, sore throat, drippy nose, sinus pressure, achy, and I keep getting chilled. Delayed-reaction cold, too. I felt fine on Sunday, had a bit of a sore throat on Monday, and now suddenly I feel like the Gremlin of Sinus Pain smacked me in the face with his hammer (or... well, what would he have? A cadeuceus?), plus the sore throat.

So that's about it. Whining about being sick. I realize it's just a cold... but I hate being sick. Ironically, I also hate how whiny being sick can make me. So, apologies for the whining about the cold.

Before Holly reads this and feels bad, Thermopolis, and the whole weekend really, was über über fun, and I didn't feel like crap until well after it was over. :D
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I suppose you people want an update on how I'm doing after the last ranttacular post...

Fine. Really. Not holding anything back. I think after a couple months, which is the longest he's been gone before, I'll start going a bit crazy, but I'm fine right now. The confusion on the pupper is making me kind of sad, I'm a bit hair-trigger on other unrelated things, but other than that, just fine. ^^

Scott should be in Afghanistan tomorrow, and we'll hear from him by phone or e-mail soon. He gave me a pile of numbers and support thingies and stuff, so I have no excuse for being alone and feeling sorry for myself, even when I get back home. Here, I've spent the last couple of days setting things up and settling in.

Hmm... Just saw Defiance this evening; it's very good. I'd gush, but it's not really a gushing type of movie. It's kind of sad and grim, but also has its sweet/funny moments. Daniel Craig is such a good actor, I never even thought of Bond while I was watching him.

Anyhoo. If I go completely 'round the bend, I'm sure people will find out sooner rather than later, and I'll keep updating as I go.

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It's been 2009 here for over an hour, now, but I thought I'd wait for my friends on the west coast to post he official postie!


Happy New Year!!
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Sorta. I'm not going to be all that specific about the books, since for Christmas, my mother-in-law turned me loose in a used bookstore. On top of that, my mother gave me a total of $100 in Amazon gift cards, both for my birthday and for Christmas. That went away rather quickly, though I still have some. Damn Amazon and their post-Christmas sales! *shakes fist*
Anyhoo. I got a Pirate Primer from Holly (I'm not talented enough to link people, and I'm not going to try), the WoW lore trilogy War of the Ancients from my brother, a couple new books from my dad, and a spinny porch ornament thingie. You know, one of the ones that make people goggle for minutes at a time. I got a new DS puzzle game from Caitlyn, an adorable cat calendar from Grandma McIntosh, moneys and a lovely card from my dad's parents, fuzzy socks from several people (Yay! Fuzzy socks!), and and...
Stuff. You know, stuff. Oh, yeah. Chelsea got me an Apocalyptica t-shirt (w00t for Apocalyptica being mainstream enough to have them in Hot Topic), Scott got Trauma Center for the Wii, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Gears of War 2 for the 360, and I finally got Too Human for the 360. I mention Scott's games because, naturally, I'll be playing them, too.
Hmmm... I think that's it. Probably not, but that's all I can remember. I did have fun last night spending way too much money on Nightwish swag on Amazon (there's suddenly a LOT of it; I'd like to know why...) and more books, because we all know I need more books, right? ;}
Apparently, Scott's taking a week off before he leaves for Afghanistan, so we'll be back sometime next month (year! how did 2009 get here so fast?), although we have to swing by Boulder to say hi to my mom. I'll let you know when I do? Merry Chrismahanukwanzastice!
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Look. I know it's crass and commercial, and it wasn't like that in our day, oh dear me no. Bugger that. IT'S CHRISTMAS.
It's time for family and presents, and, in our case, watching the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special and playing the games we just got.

Anyway. Rant done.

Happy F-ing Holidays! Stop complaining and enjoy your holiday!


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