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Kari, Tory and Grant were redoing "Knock Your Socks Off" and Kari kept using the phrase "socks of least resistance" which made me crack up... and made me ponder. So! D&Ders! IF/when we get back to the D&D (I've had a few suggestions on how to do it long-distance {see below}), do not be surprised to see that possibly pop up as an item name.

Suggestions on long-distance D&D? So far we have:

  • OpenRPG and Ventrilo
  • Ventrilo alone (for those of you who keep whining about not needing visual aids, take that!)
  • Ventrilo+Webcam+Some kind of mutual grid for combat (suggestions include a chessboard, pre-determined graph paper, and similar)
  • I've never done Skype: What capabilities does it have?
And there are probably more I'm forgetting (What do you want? It's 1 am). If anyone has any other ideas or questions (we still have to work a time out, and there are people I'd like to get involved that didn't get a chance on the couple of live games. Also, with any of these, all of my players will HAVE to e-mail me updated character sheets any time something interesting happens, or they won't be allowed to use new abilities/pets/whatever. I am also open to more than one game running , though I'd prefer not to DM them both/all.

If anyone has any ideas, lemme know! I wanted to get our game off the freakin' ground! I'm expecting to be busier in Ohio, when we go, but we're all busy people; we can make it work! Anyone else who wants to play: Don't be intimidated! I can and will run tutorial sessions for novices if you want me to.

And to anyone who wants to know, I have no idea when I'll be in Wyoming next. This spring and summer is being made up as we go along! Not this week for sure; other than that: Not a freakin' clue.
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