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Well, as anyone who knows me knows, I both love and hate The Lord of the Rings. I'm allowed to watch The Two Towers on two conditions: 
1- It has to be the extended edition, because they put some of the important stuff they took out to show more Liv Tyler back in.
2- The person/people I'm watching with must tell me that they won't mind my muttering. Because I mutter. A LOT. When it first came out, I had to use extreme self-restraint to not WHARRRGARBLE! at the screen. Come to think of it, I did during one part, and a similar part in The Return of the King. But we don't want to get me started on that.
And, DUH, the book is better. It has some of the best prose I've ever read to this day. Hard to live up to that, but I do give Peter Jackson mad props for making the effort and bringing Tolkien to a new generation.

I loved Coraline, both the book and the movie. I love Neil Gaiman's work, so going to see it with Holly was awesome, especially in 3-D. Both are quite visual, as the book I have has Dave McKean's illustrations as well. This subject reminds me that I still need to see Stardust, speaking of Neil Gaiman. :P

Ohhh, there are more, but I'm not remembering any of them right now. Possibly starting with LotR was a bad idea. If Tolkien fan not on my flist wanders this way and wants to know what makes me literally shout at the movie screen, I can explain it without going off again, if you don't mind ramble. xD

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